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Originally Posted by Loafer987 View Post
P13 ECU is running my H23A vtec perfectly fine with great power and mileage.

I used the internals from my F22A distributor and put them in the H23A vtec distributor. Took me 15 mins and works perfectly.

The IACV was a big issue for me. You WILL need the upper half of the intake plenum off of a 93-95 prelude H23A non vtec or H22A. Try to get it with the IACV and all other bolt-ons. Keep the H23A Vtec throttle body though as it is bigger than the H22A and H23A throttle bodies.

The 92-96 H23A non vtec or H22A vtec motor mount bracket (the one that bolts through the timing cover then your F22A motor mount bolts up to) Is also a MUST.

your flywheel and clutch must be swapped as all of these H23A vtec motors are auto transmission stock. I did ACT 12lb flywheel and exedy stage one clutch and I have never enjoyed a motor more in my life. 2 very highly reccomended upgrades.

If you are going to run a P13 or want more power just get a set of H22A OBD1 injectors. This makes things go alot quicker with less modification and you have the ability to tune for more fuel and power.

I had to use an adjustable fuel pressure regulator but Im sure the H22A regulator would work if you can find one.
Is there anywhere I can find an in depth guide for this swap with pics? I looked but found non.

I know where to get cheap H23 blue tops but I need more info on this swap if I ever want to make it happen. Being that it is an OBD II engine I am a bit concerned. Can I be certain that EVERYTHING said in this post is accurate?

Another question. What is the intake gasket on this engine is it the same as the H23 in America or is it like the H22?

And wait I can't use the H23's driver side mount bracket as it is but must have an H22 or H23 US bracket?


Thinking it over again I am not too thrilled about making this swap or any swap in general. The labor involved to do it again after I already rebuilt my F is not exciting. I think I am going to try real hard to fix the bad oil leak it has in it.
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Very first tear down and rebuild. vvv"]"]

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