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CB7Denmark is cool... so far.

Things left to do:

Install Bisi Camshaft **
Install Bisi Springs **

These two things will be done as soon as i have the money for the dynotune. Maybe i'm gonna break it in sooner and keep it away from wot and under 50% throttle.

Order generic ebay exhaust. Will do this primarily because of the piping, it is the cheapest option available for me, i will replace resonator and muffler with good quality in time. **

Change timing belt and balance belt + tensioners and water pump. This will happen this Sunday most likely. **

Change the clutch and locating leak from hardline. New clutch will be "Sachs".

Get some headwork done, mild port, remove cast markings, replace sealings. This is planned, i don't know when it will happen.

Big tune, new sparkplugs, new oil + oilfilter, cleaning/maintenance of distributor cap, changing ignition cables, adjust valves **

In the future:

Evolution H2B
Evolution Intake package #1 for H22A. (Includes, Skunk2 Pro-Series Intake Manifold, Edelbrock 65mm Throttle Body w TPS, & Thermal Heat Shielding Intake Manifold Gasket.)
AEM V2 BB6 Short ram intake or WeaponR intake.
2.5" collector mod, if it doesn't have this already, didn't check when i installed it.
Bigger injectors.
Have it dyno tuned again.

** To be done before dynotune.

Hopefully, a lot of work can be done next month depending on the paycheck, but i worked my ass off, so i hope it pays off.
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