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Update 04-09:

Timing belt and balance belts have been changed finally!.
I fixed the hanging rear bumber, so the car is now nice and symmetrical now.
Fixed interior light not turning on when opening doors (The bulb i used was too big and didn't connect properly in the socket, ive had this issue since i got the car, i thought some wires were done or something )

To do:

Bisi cam and springs installation - to be done very soon!
Header Y pipe 2.5" mod also very soon!
Needs a new battery, the too low voltage is messing up things now. (In stock though, im just lazy right now)
P&P but will happen sometime through the winter, i don't know exactly when.
Also need a new induction kit, current one is too damn generic.

DYNO TUNING, maybe this month, depends on a few things but no sooner than next month! I can't f'in wait!!
Check out my MRT, i'd love some constructive criticism ---> PICTURES FROM 2014! DOES NOT REPRESENT CURRENT STATE

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