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Sorry for the late reply, was at work all day and just got in from messing with the Accords exhaust unsuccessfully.

I saw in another thread you mentioned that the 3.0 knuckles affected the camber, but more importantly I'm not convinced I need all that. However I have new LBJs and fitting those while the knuckles are off and the car still movable sounds like a big plus.

After just now reading over an older thread that you've posted in I think I'm beginning to understand.

If I'm correct then this should work fine:

CB7 knuckle
CB7 bearing
2.3CL hub
3.0CL 25T bracket
3.0CL caliper
3.0CL pads and rotors

I think a lot of the confusion comes from thinking the orientation of the parts cars rotors and hubs is important but it would seem to be irrelevant. Whether or not the car is ROH or HOR the calipers and brackets are interchangeable.

Let me know if I'm on to something, and if that list of components is right. I may pull some knuckles and build the setup in the yard and price it. It'd be nice to do the LBJs while the car drives still, maybe paint the knuckles while I'm at it.

Trying to find a 2.3CL in there to score the damn hubs too!
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