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Originally Posted by MikeW View Post
And LEDs are brighter, last longer and have quicker response. PLus they just look really friggin cool!
Not all LED's are brighter. Some LED's at 12v only put out around 15 lumens.

Example of high power LED's:
A SSC P4 LED will put out a maximum of 240 lumens but a CREE MCE(4die) LED will have a maximum lumens output of over 800(which is holy shit bright btw).

Think of it this way. Make a PCB the size of the tail light with all CREE XR-E(R5) LED's(say 15), it'll put out roughly 5,550 lumes. A factory halogen H1 bulb only puts out 1000-1100 lumens.

Ultra bright LED "bulbs" have to be made, not bought.

But once you start to get that bright, you run into heat problems(yes, LED's do put off some serious heat). Example, I hade a 800 lumens CREE MCE flashlight that had a maximum running time of 120 mins before it started to do damage to the circuitry.
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