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Exclamation ‘97 CB7 Coupe EX F22b2 IM Help

First, I recently purchased a ‘92 CB7 Coupe EX with an F22b2 in it. From what I’ve come to find was the f22a intake manifold was somehow retained. I had a throttle body issue so I took it out and cleaned it now I hope to put it back on but Ive ordered a gasket for an f22b2 , id like to know if it would fit. my second question is how can I check what head is on the engine so I can know if they just kept the whole f22a head and slapped it on an f22b2 block. that way I can either get a new intake manifold for the f22b2 head or retain my current setup and get the right gasket to put my throttle body back on. Im also in search for a new MAP so it depends on which TB I end up using. I already pulled one off a f22b1 sohc just to find it wouldt fit. any input is greatly appreciated, if in some way I didnt follow certain guidelines please notify me. Im new to this forum thing as Im 18 and this is only my second car.
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