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H311RA151N seems to have made some friends! H311RA151N seems to have made some friends!
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What granny gear is on there? What is your final drive reduction ratio? Shouldn't ever need anything over 4k RPMs on that monster.

I grew up on big trucks (mostly chevy) but I have a good deal of respect for Fords (don't get me started on the newer Dodge).

Personally I always wanted an old 1/2 ton to putz around in and pull tree stumps with. I looked at a few before deciding on my S10 Blazer.

My dog likes the Hondas but he sits in the passenger seat of the S10 Blazer while I work on it and I can just see him anticipating sticking his head out the window in the wind. He misses my old Jeep.

Personally I have a goal to own many vehicles for many different purposes and reasons and this bewilders my woman to no end.
The granny gear is pretty neat actually. This truck has one of the few T19s that got the 6.32:1 first gear.

When I put it in 4 Low and in 1st gear at about 3000rpm you can walk in a somewhat fast pace beside it.

Gears are 3.55 in the back and 3.54 in the front. I got lucky and got the big Sterling 10.25" rear axle.

I found papers today stating that this truck was special ordered along with the original owners manual. According to Carfax I'm the 3rd owner.

I like everything, Chevy's, Dodges, Fords. I don't like the mind set owners of any make have sometimes but I guess that's just how some people are. I'm not brand biased by any means. Ever manufacturer has made cool stuff.

I hear you about your GF or wife or whatever... My GF gets on my case sometimes about my car habits. But she likes it most of the time. She says a car never stays in my possession without seeing major improvement s from how it was when I got it. Anyone who knows me pesters me about buying my stuff because they know how I am.
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Holy fuck, it's the weekend man.
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