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Originally Posted by ktaylor660 View Post
I'm guessing that you con only buy the grease from Honda, right? Also is this safe for inted windows? I know some grease will cause the tint to peel. I need to do this to all of mine, as none roll up or down smoothly.
its just silicone grease any will do.

thats 30 bucks at carquest just about a lifetime supply lol

i think the permatex dielectric tuneup grease is also silicone. but any will do as long as its silicone grease. it should not harm your tint as this stuffs pretty inert, they have a food grade version and use it in like meat grinders and the valves for the ice cream machines at mcdonalds . just dont use petroleum grease, itll eat the rubber up or turn it to mush after a while.
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