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Power Steering Help!

Hey guys, when i was in the process of doing my blue top swap i did the power steering loop like ive seen on all the how to's. block off the pressure line coming from the rack with a plug,cut then loop the lines going to the vss and the cooler, and use the line coming from the reservoir for a breather/filler.

Fast forward some time, now i want PS back. I got a h bracket pump and line, everything's installed but i keep popping the hose thats looped from the vss and the cooler, new hose, multiple hose clamps, tried a bunch of different stuff.... my question is, can i plug those two lines directly at the rack? and just keep the pressure line coming in and the line out to the reservoir, or will the rack not like that? my vss is looped at the sensor itself, and the cooler was thrown in the trash years ago. ANY input would be helpful, thanks!
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