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Originally Posted by NH-503P-3 View Post
Iím in the middle of a project that required me to actually check and see if my cruise control works before I fiddle with the wiring. Yesterday I finally remembered while driving to actually try it out. Iíve never use the CC on my car. Itís all there and hooked up. The light comes on with the dash button pushed in. The fuse is good. But no CC. It does nothing while driving and yes Iím above 25mph.
Question: when you push in the dash button to turn on CC does the light on the cluster come on also or does it come on when the CC is set? Note: I get no light on my cluster right now either way.
Sounds like a switch somewhere causing it not to engage. Check your brake and clutch switch. SOmething is causing it not to engage. When cruise is set from steering wheel the light comes on dash. Common thing is that little squishy brake grommet that rips and switch stays open all the time. The clutch has one of these also. If it is a manual.Automatic has a some sort of auto switch. Check your switches themselves next. See if they have continuity. I glued a penny in replace of that grommet style plug. Hard to tell sometimes if those things are ripped. Did the 14-pin test first when i should of just checked my switches and grommets first.
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