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Common Media Downloads Info can be found in here. PLEASE READ HERE FIRST

Welcome to the Media Downloads Sub forum.
This Sub forum is the place where all CB7 videos/audio, desktop wallpaper, and image downloads are posted!

First things first, We assume ALL of you have read the rules.
If you make a thread / post that goes against the rules, it will be dealt with accordingly. The rules can be seen by clicking the link below. Forum rules, PLEASE READ AND UNDERSTAND HERE FIRST

3 Rules:

1. ALL media in each of these subforums, whether wallpaper, videos, or images - should be of STRICTLY CB7s!

2. NO BROKEN LINKS! They will be checked often, and if they are broken - The entire thread will be deleted.

3. EVERY post MUST contain a link to a download. DO NOT create threads ABOUT a video or piece of media - like for discussion. Those threads should be posted in off topic.

Quick link:

Embedded Video in Posts

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