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dbsharp is cool... so far.
The beast runs again. Finally done right. Full 3" exhaust wastegate dumps into downpipe, all bends are mandrel bent, no more pie cuts. Got my traction bar made and it looks great!

once I get this engine broken in and run all this old gas out, I'll turn this boost up again and see how it does! I'm expecting the port and polish, exhaust, and intake manifold work to help me wind this turbo out. I'm hoping to bust 400 whp this time.

I GOTTA FIND SOME NEW SPRINGS! My car is too damn low. I want a mild drop and a stiff ride. Any suggestions? Seriously, my new down pipe might have 4" clearance hugging the oil pan. For those of you who don't know I cut my frame for upper control arm clearance, and it still hits the upper skin you see in the engine bay and is cracking my weld, HAHA.
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