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Originally Posted by dbsharp View Post
I added a resonator and tied my wastegate dump back into my exhaust and I think this is about as nice as this can sound. No obnoxious raspy sounds just sweet tones.

Also I am adding in a Bosh 044 pump inline after my walbro 255 pump. I'm gonna turn my base fuel pressure up to around 60psi from the stock 43. I'm gonna find out how much wind this turbo can make! hoping for 450-500whp.
I thought the 255 alone was enough to flow enough to about 400whp on E85 and there are guys making over 600 with it. I too have a Wahlbro 255 that i am planning to use along with a set of Precission 1000cc injectors i bought. Now that i see your other stuff, our builds will be similar since i have a HY35 sitting around and have chosen to use over the HE351.
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