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Originally Posted by Raf99 View Post
255lph fuel pump is good up to around 600 HP. The limiting factor of going for 500HP will be the injectors or your clutch, most likely the clutch :P I'm running a Stage4 and it only lasted about 6 months (two summers) at 410HP.
Yea my CC stage 4 has been holding at the 400 whp power level for quite a while. I really have to abuse this thing to get any signs that its even thinking of slipping. The day it does, Ill get a ACT upgrade, or maybe Ill take out a home equity loan and get a twin disk haha.

As far as the 255 goes, it is true that people have made 500+ with them with large injectors, but its flow rates choke as you increase the pressure. With my injectors I will be able to make plenty more power by turning the pressure up a bit. The inline bosh pump will let me run as much pressure as I'm going to need to max my current turbo out. No matter what I do to this setup in the future, this pump will support it.

As far as the tires go, at these power levels and up, traction is the name of the game! Word has it the M&H have the best compound for fwd street traction, and the taller than stock tire size will help to get my car to hook the power its making. Think of it like a taller final drive ratio. Low power cars will go faster on a shorter final drive, but cars that spin their first few gears sure wont! 1st gear is basically a waste of my time right now, even with boost by gear.
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