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Originally Posted by Grumpys93 View Post
Lmao “really works” clever name. I used aircraft paint stripper and that stuff was no joke would burn like a mofo. Are you upping to 1000cc? I haven’t tried RC, but they been around for a very long time. I do enjoy my ID 1050s but you have to either get the plug and play kit or do some wire splicing and delete the resistor box. Only complaint I have with them is the actual plug and play kit. They don’t clip onto the injector as securely as I would have liked.
Ya, They will be 1000CC. They will be high impedance and I'll be ditching the resistor box. Talking with the tuner I guess you just splice the wires into one. He noted that low impedance injectors are simply too old and easier to cut out any items that may fail and go with high tech.
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