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ukemike is cool... so far.
When upgrading our suspension on the LeMons car I did a ton of research. I cannot remember where I found a table of spring rates, but it seems like it was on this forum somewhere. Anyway the overwhelming majority of "sport" springs available for our cars were for lowering and had stock or softer rates. That's a recipe for bottoming out the suspension. The Neuspeed Race springs are a ~1.5 to 2" drop and are about 2x the spring rate as stock both front and back. We're pretty happy with ours. We paired them with the Koni oranges which have lasted well so far. I'd much rather have bilstiens or koni yellows, but we got the oranges on sale for about $80 each. It would be hard for me to say what the street ride is like. But they are not overly hard on a race track.

I'm intrigued by the fender braces. I jack up our car really often. I usually use the point front and center where the cross member Ts off with the other frame bit, then put jack stands under the jack points just behind the front wheels. When letting it down I see the front end droop about an inch! after it touches the jack stands. That chassis flex can't be good for the handling. I've been pondering how to brace it to make it stiffer. I wonder how these would work?
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