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mtnbikaah is cool... so far.
thanks for the comments!

if im going to mod it i want to do it right.

1) brakes/wheels. id love to do ROH or do a 5 lug conversion, that would open the door to bigger brakes. i'd prefer to do 5 lug and get some newer, bigger accord wheels (16's or17's) so i can do bigger brakes of some kind.

2) suspension. i havent thought too much about this but would like to get coilovers some day. which ones, im not sure.

3) I/H/E. I would like to get an h23 upper plenum/ TB set up in there. Get a 3" AEM CAI, with the bypass valve. Header, i have no idea, i haven't looked into one at all. Exhaust, ive been looking into the stainless catback. looks like an awesome system for the money.

4) cam. someday it would be great to get a delta regrind of some kind. i dont want it too aggressive because i still have to get it to pass emissions.

5) chip an ECU. yeah, to go along with the more aggressive cam.

it's all dreamin. to do all of this would be wiked expensive. for now im going to just keep it good shape. I may upgrade as things break. I did brakes last fall, but didn't know enough about ROH or 5 lug conversions at the time to do it. my exhaust is starting to leak and may get replaced by the end of summer. i have a broken rear motor mount right now as well. i almost want to get an upper plenum/ TB from an h23 and replace it while i have the IM out replacing the mount. and in doing that i should just get the CAI. gah, it's all adding up.


*edit* oh yeah, tires will be replaced soon as well. probably getting michelin pilot exalto a/s for a good all around all season tire.
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These cars will never be the best at anything, but they're pretty damn good at everything.

92ex CB7<-SOLD 93ex CB9shiftingshift73C10

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