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Originally Posted by gloryaccordy View Post
Wait so the Prelude rear hub bolts right onto the Accord rear drum??? That's awesome man

Props for this man this is an awesome discovery
ok since Ricky Martin came out of the closet I will make an announcement

my cb is now 5 lug AND driving using this thread !!

i stayed drum in the rear AND used the front spindles from a 2002 Acura TL marked K6

everything bolted together fine and I kept my original front calipers instead of switching over to the TL's.

I purchased a set of 15" 5 lug rims from an Accord that were fine for the rear but hit the caliper in the front so 90LXKing found a set of white Motegi Rojas for $300 that were 17"s that bolted right on.

I used the Prelude hub and CRV drum brand new (see my earlier posts for part numbers)
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