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She's up and running! Did a few rounds through the neighborhood and everything seems OK. I have two codes: one is due to my VTEC pressure switch not being installed, the other is EGR valve insufficient lift. I don't remember if I reinstalled the EGR vacuum line or not.

Initial thoughts:
The car is freaking low. I forgot how close to the earth you sit in this thing. Its awesome.
There is a lot of vibration at idle, even with the stock mounts. Might be due to the balance shaft delete. I don't remember it being that bad with the belt removed. I enjoy a little vibration, it makes the car feel alive.
The clutch feels like a stock clutch! I was really surprised at how easy it was to engage. I have to run it through the breaking period before I start romping on it, but I'm thoroughly impressed with the smoothness of the 4 puck, semi-metallic clutch.
The lightweight flywheel compliments the car. It makes rev matching a thought-less process. There is no transmission noise that I can pick up. It is easy to drive, no need to rev it to 3k just to take off like some posts may indicate. That may be due to the...
H23a Engine:
This thing is effortless in power, for a 4 cylinder I haven't gone pass 4krpm in gear but it has balls, is responsible to throttle input, smooth power on the stock ecu but I feel it needs some turning to really bring it out.

Insure, emissions, register, wash, drive!!!
There are a few clunks coming from the rear to check.
I am also converting the front suspension to the SH setup. I feel that it is superior.


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