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Car is legal! 1st gear just spins, these tires and wheels are not appropriate for my application. I didn't max it out because I still have about 700 miles to put on the clutch for proper break in. Plus, I'm running Supertech oil for engine "break-in", mainly because I wanted cheap oil to circulate all the particulates through the regular filter before I put the good S2k filter on.

I still have an idle hunt sometimes. I'll have to keep an eye on it so I can see what situations that it happens in.

I also have negative fuel trims, like damn near pegged out negative (-14%). I need to check my O2 sensors and make sure the pre and post cat sensors aren't flipped. I doubt it. The car would run like ass if that were the case.

I hate to admit this, but the Prelude's interior feels cheap. After dailying my ZHP, everything about the interior seems toy-like. It doesn't help that it has been previously spray painted which gives it a terrible sheen. There are rattles. The turn signal stalk feels like Hasbro manufactured it. It's really bad. I'd rather gut it, which I plan to do anyway, and run some carbon fiber door panels lol.
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