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Installed the driver's door lock cylinder last night. Feels good to be able to lock the car again. Next is a full security system. I'm a Compustar fan boy, so I'll go with them again.

I'm kind of on the fence about a smartphone system vs the dongle. I would rather not pay a subscription fee as the most useful thing to me is gps tracking not 3G/CDMA/LTE car unlocking and starting. Then there is Lo-Jack which I would trust more than Drone Mobile. After what happened with my CB, I know I'll go overkill on the security/theft prevention part of the car.

Raf, I think the best wheel color would be a silver or diamond cut aluminum type finish. I've been leaning toward a machined + clear coat finish, multi-spoke style wheel. I'm going to be paying some cash for that as those are mostly forged.
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