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Got Sally inspected today. Very hard to get use to the clutch. I pretty much got it, but on a hill is still really difficult. Worse is that it's hard to heal / toe in our cars. While on the lift there were two drips to note.

1. Oil drip from transmission. Lesson learned that you should put more 'sealant' on the bottom side where hot fluid sits.

2. Coolant leak coming from the large lower rad hose, the braided one. First time I've done them so obviously I need to re-do the one end / make it tighter. Dam their a workout to get together!

So I put a layer of sealant on the tranny as a bandaid. This winter I'll pull it apart and fix. The coolant hose I tightened a bit. We'll see, I'm not worried. Right now I have nothing but time as I need to break in the clutch.

I had a volt meter in the ash tray and think it's time to get rid of that.

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