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Thread Titles

1) They need to reflect what the thread is about.

The entire purpose for a thread title, is to allow people to know what the thread is about.

If we are unable to determine what the thread is about by looking at the title, it isn't that important and will be deleted.

The basic reason for this is simple.

Most people use the title to determine if the thread might be of use. Especially when they have performed a search and multiple pages of matches have come up.

In order to help prevent people from asking the same question over and over, as well as to aid searching, we ask that the thread title be relevant.

Things like:

"Does anybody know?"

"What should I think"

"What should I do?"

"You man, my shiz is all messed up!"

etc etc etc...

These are irrelevant titles and will result in the thread being deleted.

If you can't look at the title, and know almost everything you need to know about the topic, your probably should fix it.

If you aren't sure, ask.
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