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January 2016 - Nardi Personal Blitz 330mm steering wheel and Nardi Personal hub!

Preparation included making a new harness for the horn along with the SRS bypass. I used a clock spring harness from the yard.

2.2 ohm 1/2W resistor from Fry's for the bypass (they didn't have 1/4W in small quantities):

Resistor bridging pins 1 and 3 for the SRS and a length of wire for the horn:

Ready! If I had gotten a 1/4W or even a 1/8W resistor, I would have had it tucked into the plug, but the 1/2W was just too wide.

This 5/8" ID washer serves two purposes: 1) it will ground the horn and 2) it pushes the hub back 1/8", allowing it to engage the turn signal cancel switch. Also, the hub was just shy of being tall enough for the splines so the nut would lock but the hub was still loose.

I found these blade fuse taps to create the positive contact for the contact ring on the back of the hub:

Measured and trimmed the lead from the clock spring harness to the horn contact. Used the original clock spring screw hole to mount it:

I also revisited the Prelude shift lever. Pulled the first one out of the Accord base plate and brought it to a machine shop. Turns out my delrin shift knob isn't threading all the way down because of the step where the threading ends. I had the shop cut the lever about 1/2" beneath the original taper and they pressed in a new solid steel threaded shaft.

OEM vs. modified OEM (both have been shrink wrapped):


SRS light turns off after the initial check, horn works and steering wheel is solid and straight! The shift lever is only about 1/4" shorter overall, but because the shift knob can thread all the way down onto it, the knob sits about 1/2-3/4" lower. The nice thing is that the weight of the solid steel add on gives the shift a great feel! The shortened overall height gives a nice proportional shortening to the knob travel!
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