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Originally Posted by MikeW View Post
Did you price the insert holders themselves?

I feel like this is, essentially, a permanent arm and you just replace the inserts as opposed to replacing the entire unit. Granted, it's cheaper, but I feel like these will still skip and chatter after 6 months or so. I might be wrong.
My hope is to just replace the inserts every 6 months. I guess when winter comes around we'll see if I made the right decision!

I updated the main post with prices.
This thread also has the benefit of saving the parts numbers. I had originally
just looked for the correct size inserts and found the part number. When I took
it to the dealership, he could tell I pulled them off a fit

Edit: Re read your post. I'm hoping this is a permanent arm. It would be nice.
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I think driving your car naked will cause the engine to overheat
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sneaky motherfucker
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