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Well today the car was taken to have a new engine and turbo fitted and all the other goodies that go with that. It was a lot of prep work. The current H22A will be removed and fitted with the sleeved H22A block and new hardware. I switched the tires to the old tires and removed the stereo. We also got the car on the trailer and strapped it down. There were no issues with the trip up. I did bend in a rear lower quarter as I forgot to take a block out and the car bounced up onto the block and dented some metal. It can be fixed of course. Hopefully when the car returns I'll be the proud new owner of a GT35r turbo, sleeved H22A, piped and 3" outlet. There are a ton of other items on the list but I'll spare the details. Hopefully I'll have some pictures to share soon ...

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