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Sequence is cool... so far.
Sequence : 1991 Accord LX

Just picked up this guy yesterday 8/26/17 from my buddy. He recently had his second child and his wife has been nagging at him to get rid of it so he gave it to me because he trusts that I will take care of it and if I ever wanna get rid of it he will have first dibs.

Overall a pretty clean car from Minnesota with minimal rust starting to develop on the quarter panel. The paint has started fading and that will be taken care of later on with the small amount of rust. The motor itself is original and has 283k+ miles but still runs strong and the manual transmission doesn't grind and shifts smooth.

The car itself needs a little TLC but will be a great daily driver. As for now the only plans in the future since I still have my other CB7 to finish as well will just be to be dropped with some rims and a new paint job with some bodywork.

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