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Originally Posted by CbNewbie View Post
Good afternoon Cb7tuner,

Had just a few questions in regards to getting our engines ready for boost.
Original plan was stock block ~8psi 150hp. Figured if i was 5spd swapping my current cb, as well as installing an Mfactory LSD on the F trans, that I might as well just do a full build and make it 100%.

So far i'm looking at:
Port/Polish on Head
Bisimoto's Level 1.2 Turbo Re-grind,
Pro Springs,
Bisimoto's 86mm 9.1:1 Forged pistons / H beams (rings and all),
Turbonetics T3/T4 T04E Turbo,

I know Ill probably need injectors/pump but I couldn't decide on a decent set.
Is 250hp/270tq an unreasonable number with these? Also. Fully commited on the SOHC Turbo.

Well some of these items are not required and some are. But at the same time if you have the engine open, you may as well replace some parts. To my knowledge head work is not required for your HP goals, but the bottom end is. Have you seen other folks setup on here?
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