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Mike1357 is cool... so far.
Originally Posted by Flatline View Post
looks pretty good so far... i would take the stripes onto the roof and trunk too. maybe down the bumpers.

If you do want to drop, im getting new springs soon. my current ones give about a 2" drop. all you would need are struts and a camber kit.

Seriously, we gotta get you hooked up. You hear about AFM 09?
I am going to paint the roof section gloss black and probably repaint the hood with gloss as well but no stripes on the roof or trunk. I've been contemplating a drop, just haven't had the funds; Chick-fil-a don't pay much. And yeah, I've heard about it, not sure if I can make it but I'm gonna try.

Originally Posted by True-BlueCB7 View Post
Hey bish. Nice interior lights.
Thanks, probably the first good comment I've heard about them.
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