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laloquera is cool... so far.
JK stanley fog light score

I was at the jk today pulling parts for a friends 98 civic, wanted to get in and out and go about my way. Stop and look up locations on the civics on my phone, put my tools on the hood of a 93 cb7. Out of habit noticed it had Stanley eom fog lights installed. I could not believe my eyes, I just stood there and took it all in for a minute. Ive waited tens years to come across a pair of these two. I could not believe it, I was texting my wife, my causing ... sending pics ... look what I found?
They are dirty, oxidized, the bubber outer brim were gone, just a few bridal peace's fell off. But I didn't care, these babies are my and my alone.
Gonna do all the research before I put them on. Peace
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