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Originally Posted by wtfisafleek View Post
That's weird that this is happening right after a head rebuild. Did you do a valve check? Really they wouldn't have to be spot on, you'd just have to make sure they're close.

Did you ever take the rocker assembly off? Sounds like maybe it's bound up and not allowing one or more of the valves to close. But it appears your crank turns easy all the way around.

What all was done to the head? Were seats cut? Valves replaced? If the head was refinished and assembled correctly and you put it on the block w/o the rocker assembly, the combustion chamber is essentially in its own atmosphere separate from our own. No air would be able to go in or out without a rocker actuating a valve. I think either a rocker or rockers are being held open, or the head was not assembled correctly.

Just to be clear, with the spark plugs all installed, is it super easy to turn the crank?
i got all new valves and whhen i had the head off i had cleaned it with a wire wheel and scotchbirte pad. and i cleaned the block with a wire wheel and scotchbite pad as well. they where really bad because i had a bad valve stem seal and it was really bad in side ill post some pics of before and after if it will help some
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