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That big groove in the cam and head is worrisome. I'm not super familiar with these particular engines but that doesn't look like a stock oil galley of any sort.

It's so deep...I have no idea what may have caused that if it is in fact damaged, but I think both are trash. Cams by nature are very brittle and a big groove like that is inviting breakage. Even if you figure out what the actual sealing problem is, those problems would still be there.

If it were me I'd source out a new cam/head and go from there. I know you probably spent a good amount of coin on the head rebuild, but I don't think it's worth saving. I'd suggest getting others' opinion before you do anything. If worse comes to worse, you might be able to save the rocker assembly, bolts, valves, keepers, and springs. Good luck and keep us updated.

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