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I've read that drilled rotors tend to crack and blanks are better. well my 90 lx is a daily driver/commuter with a racing addiction (street and the occasional trip to the strip). my experience with blanks lead me to the drilled rotors. Living in New Mexico summer days get pretty hot and so does the asphalt. boiling brake fluid doesn't take much in 100 degree weather. the point of this is all that my blank rotors developed heat/stress fractures, had scorch marks, and tended to have alot of fade after a few fast red light stops. I'd post pics but i changed the pads after the old ones wore down part of the rotor and the new pads are slowly resurfacing the rotor. Yes i know cheap, slacker ass, and probably a poor idea but works for the mean tiime.

ok so i bought the big brake kit from TASauto. it came with CL hubs and bearings, 23T brackets, 15V (VTEC) calipers, 11.1'' cross drilled rotors, an extra set of brackets, HAWK pads. I also went ahead got a set of SS brake lines while i was at it. for the full set up it was $879 including shipping.

i can't say how it performs because i'm putting them on my 91 ex (in the garage on jackstands waiting for two more engine mounts and new hoses/fluids.) but just comparing the two setups is so drastic. the stock assembly looks so small and feeble next to the bigger rotor and caliper. i'll post pics after work.

and now i have a question....

For the swap (those who have done it that) does the backing plate behind the rotor need to be modified to fit the larger rotor?
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