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NH-503P-3 is cool... so far.
Today I got the automatic power folding mirror module installed. It works like it should. I wish I had a way to upload a video. Itís really cool to see especially with my passive keyless entry. I get out of the car, walk away, it locks and the mirrors fold. I touch nothing. When I go to the car it unlocks as I get to the door and once Iím in and hit the start button to the ACC on or start the car they automatically open.

Above is the module all wired in. Itís down in a spot that has space for it to clear where the door panel goes back on. The important wires are already soldered. The door lock wires & 12v+ I just T-taped. The ACC on wire is the wht/yel wire going to the window switch plug. I also did a quick two wire plug for the power & ground for the window switch led lights. Until I run the switched wires through to the doors this is how it will be. At least now I donít have to pull the panel off and hold it while I unscrew the ground and pull the power from a T-tap. Now it just unplugs like everything else. Easy peasy.

I grabbed some climate control boards at pap today also. I need to get them ledíed so when I put my bb6 cluster in (hopefully next weekend) I end up not taking the dash apart twice. I found cpMikes diy on this so now Iíve got good directions on how to do it. Hereís a couple I pulled and tested. Just gotta get the right tip for my soldering iron and itís on.

5 studded & leather clad - Praise The Lowered

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