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Originally Posted by Ralphie View Post
Man, Mike, she was a beauty.

Not sure if you remember, but I bought mud flaps off of you way back. Had them on mine until I sold her.

I got to see the tail end of this car. Definitely one of my favorites.
Thanks! I think you came up just as I was winding down. I do remember selling you the mudflaps. Were you still in FL? I remember how nice the ITRs looked on your cars.

Originally Posted by br0nx finest View Post
Definitely one of my favorites, especially with the amber 92-93 taillights.
Thanks! You liked the 92-93 OEM tails? I always thought the red/clears looked better. They were actually a trade via Maple of all people since the 1st set of red/clears I got from rebels leaked like crazy for some reason. I still remember sitting in my dorm room circa-2005 photoshopping pictures of your old car for you.

Originally Posted by owequitit View Post
Miss this OG car.

If you can, you should post the pics of the rust repair, so people can see what it looked like done the right way.
Yeah, it's actually coming up on 8 years next week since I stuffed it.

This is the only picture I've got of the quarter panel removed.
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