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Originally Posted by 91accord4door View Post
Wow......the memories lol.
Haha, yeah. Nostalgia got me.

Originally Posted by gloryaccordy View Post
I am jealous you still have pictures. I lost pretty much all of mine when Sony shut down Imagestation.

This was a nice ride. I still miss my first one but my Civic seems like a spiritual successor
I have everything backed up on a bunch of redundant drives. I still have a bunch of photos I don't even have posted. I lost a few when Imagestation went down, but nothing that I don't think I have duplicates of somewhere. I actually have them categorized by year. Some of them are actually scans of physical photos. I have a few videos too actually.

It's wild to think how long ago I purchased the car...April of 2001 IIRC. The wild thing is that a 2005 Accord is now the same age as mine was when I bought it. I've owned my STi longer than I owned the Accord.
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