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Ghetto_CB7 is cool... so far.
Free parts

I do not know what you are able to do with free parts...

But I think I have an h22 plenum and TB that could probably go to a better cause then sitting in my dorm room. I picked the entire intake manifold up for $35 so its probably something I can part with LOL.

Let us know what you can take, and I am sure there are plenty of people with f22a6 exhaust manifolds available, 37 people here just updated to a custom header.

your a welder, so you should have no problem with chassis rigidity lol.

I think the hardest thing to upgrade for cheap will be the brakes, there are not a lot of big break options for our cars that can be done for cheap...

Start looking for acura cl's in your area lol.

One other thing, is tuning, you can probably find a p06 in a junk yard and chip it for $20 crome is free, so if you have access to a wideband and a datalogger ($10 if you don't) you can tune your little f22a.

That might be your best power maker after putting on the parts in the $500 power adder thread.
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