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aventari is cool... so far.
Originally Posted by tishock View Post
Awesome! I've seen videos and read about this race on some racing magazine (can't remember which one). Good luck sir.
Thanks! I have a decent amount of track experience in my VW Scirocco, Miata and Honda CBR600 but never any wheel-to-wheel racing. Should be a blast

The link below is a sticky titled "How to make 30+hp for $500 or less" most of this stuff can be picked up from a junk yard really cheap or even free.
You may also want to open up the exhaust ports a bit. It flows VERY well when modified.
Thanks I read a lot of that thread. If I have time I will definitely hit the junk yard and look for parts. Unfortunately there's only 2 weekends left before the race!

Cutting our springs... Most will tell you this is a horrible idea with our cars. The suspension becomes scary unpredictable. Hell, if it's allowed I have some Tokico springs laying around the garage I can give you. I think they are 1.25" drop front and rear. A much better option than cutting.
Yeah it's allowed, our car is not going to be anywhere near the front or be very built so the judges won't bat an eye at a set of springs. If you want to send it to us I'd gladly pay for shipping and for your time. I'm in San Diego.

A/C Removal
Yes. Most parts store will have the Alternator belt with out AC. The DX models came with out AC.
Awesome will be on this on saturday!

You should consider removing the cruise control and the power steering if you havn't done so already. Power steering option

Cuise control is gone, how difficult is the steering if I just remove the power steering pump simple and cut the lines?

Originally Posted by Ghetto_CB7 View Post
I do not know what you are able to do with free parts...
But I think I have an h22 plenum and TB that could probably go to a better cause then sitting in my dorm room. I picked the entire intake manifold up for $35 so its probably something I can part with LOL.
Let us know what you can take, and I am sure there are plenty of people with f22a6 exhaust manifolds available, 37 people here just updated to a custom header.

your a welder, so you should have no problem with chassis rigidity lol.

I think the hardest thing to upgrade for cheap will be the brakes, there are not a lot of big break options for our cars that can be done for cheap...

Start looking for acura cl's in your area lol.

One other thing, is tuning, you can probably find a p06 in a junk yard and chip it for $20 crome is free, so if you have access to a wideband and a datalogger ($10 if you don't) you can tune your little f22a.

That might be your best power maker after putting on the parts in the $500 power adder thread.
So free/cheap parts are fine. Right now we have the stock F22A1, so if you have anything you'd like to donate or sell real cheap like a P06 ecu, let me know! We'll paint your name on the side or put a sticker on for you or something

So for the brakes we have upgraded racing pads, brake cooling ducts, and DOT4 fluid. That should be sufficient for the speeds we're running.

I do have a Innovate LM1 wideband I have on my turbo VW but I could swap it over to tune the car.

I'm planning on running colder heat range plugs, the NGK ZFR6F-11 and I ordered a GATES RACING 160 degree thermostat.

One problem that I hear from a lot of racers is that Hondas like to blow headgaskets at the 24 hour race. I'm hoping keeping the motor cool with the low temp thermostat will help.

How about oil coolers, do any of the stock Accords come with an oil cooler I can scavenge? Oil temps are usually a big problem in an endurance race.
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