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I know a few guys that have raced their sentra in lemons several times.

A few things:

Get a rear accord sway bar from the junkyard if you don't already have one. The accord responds very very well to more rear bar.

Move the battery to the trunk...the accord weight distribution sucks, so this will help at least a little.

Get the best tires you possibly can, even if it means you have to keep the rest of the suspension stock.

Get the front brake setup off an Accord wagon from the junkyard. The rotors are 1 inch bigger, and the calipers are larger. It all bolts right up. Get racing brake pads. Only problem is that your 14 inch steelies won't fit. Get some shitty junkyard 15's to clear the brakes.

The F22a6 intake manifold, and cam is better, swap those in along with the a6 ecu.

If you can find acura CL struts at a junkyard, I believe they bolt up, and have a stiffer valving.

Just leave the balance shaft belt off, doesn't need to be there.

Remember, the car has to appear to be valued at 500....changing alot of those parts will not visually add any value to the car even if you spend more than $500. If you think other people don't "cheat" like this, think again.
There are no black and white suspension answers!!!!!!!!!!!
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