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zedjr10 may have said something they shouldn't have...
Originally Posted by laloquera View Post
Car died on my at Costco gas pump, had to push it off the island. Tried to trouble shoot on the spot with no idea. I have power to my car when I turn the key to II key position: radio work, power antenna, and windows. I try to turn the key to start and nothing, not a noise. I broke out my testing light and multi meter, 14v on the battery. Tested my coil tower with a testing light and nothing when I turn the key on. Check my Main Relay, and my Computer, and fusses. Also double check my starter wiring, looks good. I tried everything I know on the spot. I'm clueless. Anyone have any ideas on what else can it be.
Im having my car towe home tomorrow morning.
Sounds like a starter solenoid unless you mean actually it died pulling in station. When does that ever happen. But i bet u mean u couldn't restart after turning it off and starter wouldn't turn over. Or your ignition went bad and wouldn't turn over starter. I had same thing after car was stolen happen to my ignition system. Just wouldn't work right.

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