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Originally Posted by Scallopini View Post
Motor is a JDM H22 with unknown mileage. Bought it running in a 93 Accord. Runs on a Phearable chipped P28. Always ran strong and had great throttle response. I/H/E, stock longblock. Weather started getting colder and valves started chattering. My mechanic told me to leave it alone until itís time to rebuild the head. I became impatient and tried to perform a valve adjustment. Iím not a certified mechanic by any means but know my way around Hondaís. Apparently I donít... I used the proper feeler gauges but did an improper valve adjustment. Started it up and it sounded like sheet metal falling over on the ground, if that makes any sense. Definitely a metal on metal kind of ticking. I left it running for a minute but never let it warm up. I noticed that after 30 seconds or so, the sound would go away, then come back. I went through it again and checked clearances, same thing. Had my mechanic come over to do it properly. He told me it was way out on every valve. Some were tight and some were loose. After he was done, we threw on the valve cover and fired it up. That same metal on metal noise was still there but a little noticeable this time around. The motor ran 10x better with better response and exhaust note. However, at the same time, the idle was stumbling and very lopey. Was running rich too. After it warmed up, that sound would go away and then come back upon startup. No CELs or anything like that. We checked inside the motor to make sure nothing dropped in there when I did the adjustment previously. It stalled out once or twice on a test drive. My mechanic told me he didnít think any valves got bent. He thinks one of the cams, if not both, got scored up because of my job. Doesnít sound like a bent valve but some of the symptoms are present apparently. Besides a leak down or compression test, would it be beneficial to throw in a set of spare H22 cams to see if that is the issue? He almost thought it coming from the timing belt/alternator area. It definitely is a scratchy metal on metal and not valve chatter. Any ideas/thoughts/concerns? Iím also using Valvoline 5w30 full synthetic. Never any issues before this.
When doing a valvejob the head does have to be heated to roughly 70 degrees, so if you didn't do this that is part of your problem right there. Part of what can happen when doing the adjustment itself is that when setting the clearance you can slightly turn the nut that hold everything in place and that will throw the measurement off. You should be able to see or feel if your cams are scored, if not then I think switching cams would be an unnecessary effort. Does it go away with the engine fully warmed up (not just the coolant temp ) but the engine fully hot?
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