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Originally Posted by Scallopini View Post
The adjustments were all done with motor cold. Sat overnight the first couple of times. The noise is present on startup and while it’s warming up (coolant temp). Oddly enough, it goes away when the motor is fully hot. My mechanic and I went out and drove it normally and the noise never came back. Then, this AM I had my wife fire it up while I was in front of it and the noise was back. Was more intermittent, not as intense. My mechanic keeps saying the lobes will smooth themselves oh if they got scored. In other words, it wasn’t running long enough to do extensive damage. Anything is possible though with motors. What’s even more odd is that the throttle response, power, and VTEC is different, in a good way. Everything smoothed out. He told me everything sounds normal except for that noise we’re talking about. I HIGHLY doubt anything fell in there because we both agreed it would’ve been toast while on a test drive.
So it does sound like your tolerances are a bit loose and as everything heats up and parts expand you are in the correct range. The reason why it (the head) has to be warm is because you are setting very precise clearances that have to account for thermal expansion of the metals. The exhaust side has a looser initial clearance because it gets hotter and expands more. I'm getting a bit of valvetrain noise myself but being that it is winter I am waiting until things warm up before tackling it.
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