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Ronald_Type-R is cool... so far.
My first time EVER at the drag strip, so please excuse the shitty numbers

R/T --> .556
60' --> 2.473
1/8 --> 10.094
MPH --> 71.87
1000 --> 13.037
1/4 --> 15.506
MPH --> 91.63

Setup: H22A4, Organic Exedy clutch, Fidanza 8lbs flywheel, Spoon P13 ECU, Iceman CAI, WS2 exhaust.

Weight: 2725lbs (no driver, half tank of gas), 2868lbs with me inside.

Excuse: Stock Accord transmission, VERY long gears (barely hit VTEC on 3rd when I hit the finish line), not a perfect launch..Mostly I blame the long gears

Hope to do better next year..Once I get an LSD H transmission I should be able to do a lot better than that..


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