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I am very hesitant to recommend getting a high flow cat as I think that's what wrecked the sound of my exhaust.

I had the F22a1 with the A'Pex-i World Sport 2 catback with the stock manifold and cat. It sounded fantastic, barely louder than OEM. The majority of noise was intake, which was fine by me. I then added the Megan Racing header and a Carsound high flow cat. Now, my Megan header did have a cracked flex pipe which I had fixed after I installed it on the car. However, after I did the header / cat, I had a wicked rasp at about 2,500 RPM under acceleration.

I bought the header from a friend who had it on her EX with a Magnaflow catback and a stock catalytic converter that didn't have any issues with it in terms of rasp. I have to believe the cat is what caused the issue.
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