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aventari is cool... so far.
From what I've read about the factory LSDs is that they're viscous, which means any used one is going to be about useless at this point in it's life and they're not rebuildable.

I'd love to hear that I am wrong though.

I think you can get a Phantom grip for $300, or go for a real diff and get an Mfactory/Wavetrac/Quaife for ~$800

Was there any warning that your trans was on it's way out?? My race car grinds if I shift hard into 3rd but other than that seems good. I don't want it to blow up on the track though.
We run Redline MT90, what fluid did you have in yours?

If you are goign to do the timing belt, (it's easy, I've did mine twice last weekend..), you should remove the balance shaft belt and free up 1 or 2 hp.

Think about getting an F22A6 cam at the same time, I just did that 2 weekends ago and it gives a little bump in top end power.

And if you're doing oil pan gasket, you should get the F22A6 windage tray for sure.
And if you have a welder, weld up some baffling in the oil pan. I put a baffle in our pan, but I will add some more next time I have it out and I still see pressure drop on hard, sweeping left corners.

Gonna copy this H22 pan.
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