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G. Wiffington : 1993 Accord EX

Hello my name is Chris. I am from Baltimore Maryland. Here is my CB7. Thanks for looking!!

Engine: 2000 H22A Euro-R mated with T2W4 Trans.


Originally purchased with 187,000 miles July 2015
Honda OEM Manual Tensioner Conversion for Timing Belt/Balancer Belt
Honda OEM Water Pump, Thermo
2 Wire IACV Conversion (from '93 VTEC Prelude)
Rosko Racing Fuel Rail Adapter, Throttle Cable Bracket, & IACV Conversion Plate (in order to run the 2 wire IACV)
USDM '93 Prelude VTEC 345cc Fuel Injectors (running the F22 resistor box)
USDM (Brand New) '95 Prelude VTEC TD-60 Distributor
NGK Iridium Spark Plugs
NGK Spark Plug Wires
Pioneer Throttle Cable (old one was sticking)
New Aftermarket FITV (on F22)
Honda OEM (Brand New) Intermediate Shaft
All new coolant line hoses
AEM SRI (still running on H22 with coupling to match bigger throttle body)
K&N Filter
Rebuilt Power Steering Pump (all new seals & Honda power steering fluid) (Running the F22 PS, pump hits the hood, ghetto hood spacers to make PS fit, H22 PS soon to come.)
Custom length Power Steering Belt (43.5" I believe)
All new engine mounts (DNA) Removed. Replaced with Innovative Mounts. (trans mount for H swap = no tapping new threads)
Megan Racing Header Removed. Replaced with DEA Header & Downpipe. (Notched front crossmember for header to fit)
Yonaka Catback Exhaust (origianlly had some Fart Can when I first purchased it)
DNA Adjustable Test Pipe, About 14" Long (Had a fitment issue with previous test pipe not being long enough)
37820-P12-A01 ECU Removed.
P28 with Hondata s300. (From
Dorman Oil Pan & OEM gasket (on F22)
Felpro Camshaft Seal (on F22)
ABS Delete
New Raybestos Non-ABS Brake Master Cylinder (15/16" Bore; DX/LX Models)
Integra 40/40 Proportion Valve
VSS retro-fitted (F22 VSS with the gear "cog" from the T2W4) my speedo is pretty much dead accurate (-:
All new front hard brake lines (from Autozone I have lengths & part #s if anyone needs them)
Denso Radiator (OEM Radiator Cap)
I am sure I am missing a lot more..

Color: Rosewood Brown Metallic
Antenna delete (Honda OEM body plug)
Ebay Clear Bumper/Blinker Signals
OEM Corner Lights ( I would like some clear ones though!)
50/50 Tail Lights
Repainted the front lip
Repainted door pillars
Ebay Black Grille

New Dorman Window Motor Regulators for Driver's window & Rear Driver's side window
Reglued fabric on all doors (they were falling off looking gross)
Black Floor mats
When installing the P12 ECU I noticed that the passengers floor was wet so I used Dupli-color Rust/Erosion Sealant Paint to protect the body from rusting & repaired the leaking spot
JVC dual Headunit (no CD-Player I don't think I own a physical CD)
Replaced Rear Top Deck speakers with Boss Audio 6"x9" (Front door speakers still sound good)
Painted Rear Top Deck Speaker Pods BLACK. (The original maroon color looked so gross! The black makes it look new-age & pretty nice too)

Suspension & Wheels
Koni STR.t Shocks
Tein H. Tech Springs (F: -1.5 R: -1.1) Rates: F:224lbs R:151lbs
All OEM Honda Top Mount Bushings
MOOG Upper Spring Seat Insulators x4
MOOG Rear Lower Spring Seat Insulators
MOOG Rear Toe Arms
Honda OEM Toe Arm Hardware
Megan Racing Adjustable Rear Lower Control Arms (ebay Function Form Replica Arms Removed)
Prothane Bushings (originally for the Front Upper Control Arms) were used as the bushing for the Rear Lower Strut Mount.
Function Form Rear Lower Control Arms
Beck/Arnley Rear Stabilizer Bar End Links
New OEM (Both sides) Upper Control Arms
New OEM (Both Sides) Rear Upper Control Arms
MOOG Inner & Outer Tie Rods
MOOG Left & Right Steering Rack Bellows
New OEM Sway Bar End Links
ACDELCO Radius Rod Bushings
Beck/Arnely Left & Right Outter Tie Rod Ends
Duralast Gold Passegner CV Axle (second one replaced)
Raxles CV Axle Driver's Side
OEM Front Wheel Bearings (Both Sides)
OEM Front Wheel Hubs (Both Sides)
Drilled rotors & Ceramic Brake Pads (Front)
OEM Rotors & Ceramic Pads (Rear)
Rear Passenger side Reman. Brake Caliper
Ebay "JDM" Upper Strut Bars (Front & Back)
G-Force High Performance BFGoodRich size: 205/50/16
Sport Edition CE Bright Satin w/ Machined Lip 16" (came with car when I bought it)

Future Plans:
Coilovers ( I went with Koni Struts & Tein Springs instead)
Gold BBS????? (I wish)
Repainted (there are a few spots that are chipping? I think this car was repainted by some dumb dumb because they painted over rust haha)
Remove Tint (Done)
Delete Fart Can (Done)

H22?? Install Summer 2017

This is not everything I have done to my CB, it is just a small list off the top of my head.

An older picture of my CB & I (End of Summer 2015)



2018 (Forgot to take off date stamp lol.)

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