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Originally Posted by sonikaccord View Post
For regular guys( non car audio people) I always recommended Infinity speakers. They have always sounded good to me.

Alpine would be my next choice. The engineer that worked there used to post good information on one of the car audio forums.
You do know Infinity is top-of-the-line JBL/Harman Kardon, right? Way to good for your average Joe...

Alpine is too good for your average Joe, too.

I'd recommend either the cheapest, JVC, or the second cheapest, the same I have, JBL Club 5020's. They sound great. Really. They have bad low frequencies but that's not what these kind of drivers are made for anyway. That's what Subwoofers are for. I have a cheap, 1990's subwoofer, combined with the JBL Club 5020's, once roughly tuned (HPF @ 125 hz), the setup will sound great. All that for sub $200, new.
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