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1990exr is cool... so far.
I figured I would find some kind of a build thread on your accord on here. Never really saw much on lowmo about your car. I didn't know the level of meticulousness and effort you put into making it perfect. I will be tearing into my car next summer to make sure every little detail is perfect like this. The wire tucked bay looks amazing and the javexing of the grill is gonna happen here soon too. Oh cb7accord is my username on lowmo. So thats 2 other people I know from around NS now that are tuning a cb7. We should start a thread somewhere for ns CB7s haha. Still haven't swapped my h22a yet but picking up some things here and there, found someone who can extend my powersteering lines too already, just need my parts argh! ah well in due time. Very clean car you have for sure even the interior is imaculate, mine is not lol, alot of years of stains I have to get rid of, light brown interior sucks haha. Anyway just wanted to complement you on your sharp, clean, not riced out, well put together ride! Nice work

P.S. Had to edit this when I realized the location of the Member above! 3 people in the ns area.


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