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Originally Posted by talonted1990 View Post
Accord is down, Saturday on the way to work I heard a pop, then the car shifted to third and wouldn't shift anymore. It took off in third and stayed in third. I haven't had time to look at it but the trans may be toast.
I tested the solenoids, looked at the TCU and changed the main relay and the trans is still defaulting to second gear. I do have codes for egr and iacv but no trans codes. I will replace the tcu just to see if that is the problem, if not I will be looking for a donor car for a manual swap.
Replaced the tcu with the first one I could get my hands on(p78) and it fixed my problem, I have all gears again and it fixed my torque conv. lockup problem I was having.

I still need to swap clusters since this will be my daily driver again for awhile.
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