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Originally Posted by ravenexi View Post
OK, I was reading this and really want to set a few things right. Refrigerant never under any circumstances goes into the radiator. They are 2 totally different systems. The condenser is what sits in front of the radiator and is a "heat exchanger" just like the radiator, but just for the refrigerant. No car uses "freon" anymore. That was a slang term for R-12 refrigerant. Since no car has been charged with R-12 for many years now I doubt you still have that in your system. Everything that has made it to a shop should have been retrofitted for R-134a refrigerant by now. From what I read It sounds your Condenser is whats leaking. If your system has been empty for any period of time and you live in a place where the humidity gets high you will also need a new drier. It will pull the humidity out of the air that is entering your system through the leak and it will be useless. If you do not change it out the media inside it will break loose and trash your entire system costing much much more than fixing it right the first time. You can perform this repair yourself but you will need at least a AC manifold gauge set, a vacuum pump and basic hand tools plus the knowledge of how to charge it, how much, what kind of oil to use and how to perform a vacuum pull on the system. If you do not plan on doing future AC work I would strongly recommend letting a shop handle this one because it will cost you less than purchasing the tools and the headache. Also since the system has been opened i would also recommend having it flushed and recharged with a proper oil charge considering thats probably contaminated by now as well. You could always install all the parts yourself then have the shop do the flush and and recharge and save quite a bit of funds. If you do this do the drier last and get it to a shop soon in case you still have another leak and your drier will be messed up again. If the humidity is not bad where your at you can wait longer but here it stays around 90+ percent and we have to work fast with driers/accumulators. They will have to disconnect the drier and the compressor to flush, but thats a lot less than doing it all.

P.S. the cans of refrigerant sold at parts store are the exact same stuff we put in at shops just in a smaller can. We charge our RRR machines with 30 lb cans of the same brand stuff you can get in a 12oz can. However if it does say on the can "WITH STOP LEAK" do not use it!! because it can under the right circumstances trash your system. hope this helps.
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